Wouldn’t it be nice if the organizations in which we lead and work could respond to internal and external signals for change as fluidly and naturally as the human body?

What if the “eyes” of the company could signal a shift in the market to the rest of the organization in a way that turned the unit to meet the new need?  What if the “muscles” of the company could communicate over-work or atrophy to the “brain” of the company, including the reason for the pain and suggested solutions?  What if the signals of the various members of the organization had a pathway to flow freely to each other, with a built-in mechanism for a response?

Companies can respond quickly and fluidly, maintaining alignment, to internal and external signals.  All that is needed is a “nervous system” to enable the flow of signals and response.

Enable™ is the “nervous system” for businesses and organizations.  It is an operating model that aligns every member to respond early to internal and external indications that the mission could be in jeopardy.

As Patty McCord, Chief Talent Officer for many years with Netflix and author of Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility has noted:  “People need to see the view from the C suite in order to feel truly connected to the problem solving that must be done at all levels and on all teams, so that the company is spotting issues and opportunities in every corner of the business and effectively acting on them.”

Enable™ makes this possible.

Gino Wickman, creator of the Entrepreneurial Operating System and author of Rocket Fuel describes a person within the company who can align the members to execute a vision.  He says they “create organizational lucidity, enabling the right hand to know what the left hand is doing – keeping everyone in sync.  They have a gift for doing what we call ‘getting all of the arrows pointing in the same direction.’  …Everyone’s goals, values, and priorities aligned.  The result will be your organization moving forward freely and effortlessly.”

Enable™ is the toolbox to create such alignment.

We also know that a “Lean Culture for Change Management” stresses the importance of involving everyone in identifying and solving problems, rather than just the managers.

The fact is, we hear the admonition to connect people and their work to the larger context of our companies from these and many other sources, and it is not hard to imagine the multiple benefits that would ensue, if we could pull it off.

But that is the question:  how?

How do we spot issues and opportunities in every corner of our businesses?  How do we align every arrow to execute on our targeted outcomes?  How do we involve everyone in identifying and solving problems, right at the source and at the earliest indication?

Enable™ is the how for operational excellence.

Here at DSE, we are developing more and more vehicles to implement Enable™ and provide related on-going education.  In fact, we’re so excited by the efficacy of the model that we can’t stop talking about all the ways we can make it available!  We would love to describe it to you in greater detail over coffee, live or remote – give us a call or drop us an email if you’re intrigued.

Enable™ is the “nervous system” for organization-wide alignment and responsive action.