Paradigm Shift: Returns to Labor

We've been very interested in the ideas that Tim O'Reilly has offered in his book WTF: What's the Future and Why Its Up to Us.  He is uniquely positioned to describe possible scenarios for how the unfolding digital age could take shape, and asserts that we will shape...

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Intelligence to Drive Your Business

This is the first article in a five-part series entitled Market Research - Intelligence to Drive Your Business, contributed by Susanne Bowen of S J Bowen & Associates.  Susanne is one of our valued partners at DSE.   Market research is business intelligence.   It...

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Is Layered Accountability A Universal Fix?

Implementing our operating model (based on layered accountability) covers more bases than you might expect out of a process-oriented approach.  Our clients are always pleasantly surprised! Typically when we begin to engage with a potential client, we hear from them...

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Custom Software Delivered On Time

"It always takes longer, and it always costs more."  This was the sage advice my father gave us when my hubby and I were discussing our first home improvement project.  He should know - his wisdom is based not only on his many DIY home remodels, but a lifetime in the...

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Customer Complaints? None This Time!

No one wants to show up to work every day knowing that at the end of their effort, there will be complaints.  Especially when those complaints come from the customer. Last week, while on the floor of one of our clients, a sheet metal manufacturing company, the owner...

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“People have a reservoir of talent worth discovering. They just have to be given the opportunity to discover it in themselves.”

- Ricardo Semler